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Learn to design a UI with help of PyQT5 with this video tutorial.

In this video, you will learn how to successfully install PyQt5 and the tool set that contains the QT Designer tool. The QT Designer enables you to develop your GUI in a visual manner, using drag and drop to add and position widgets, and you will use it extensively. You will then learn how to convert QT Designer-generated code into pure Python code.

After having successfully installed PyQt5, the QT Designer, and all other required QT tools, you will start out simple, building a Python GUI using only a few lines of PyQT5 code. Then, you will build a more complex GUI using QT Designer. Along the way, you will explore many QT widgets and learn how to efficiently lay out your GUI design. You will enhance the look-and-feel of the GUI using CSS styling. You will also connect your GUI to a SQL database, which you will create. You decouple the business logic code from the UI code, using best practices. At the end of this video tutorial, viewers will be able to develop complex GUIs using PyQt5.

What you will learn:
• Visually add and arrange many widgets using QT Designer
• Decouple the Python code from the generated QT UI code
• Use CSS styling to greatly enhance the GUI look-and-feel
• How to connect the GUI to a SQL database
• How to keep the GUI responsive via multiple threads
• Learn how to use many widgets in the PyQT5 toolbox
• How to develop GUIs in a modular style

Python GUI Programming
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